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Keith Gormezano

Hi, I'm Keith Gormezano, Chief Software Trainer and owner of Dr. Quick Books, Inc. I make house calls to help support and train and bring my QuickBooks and Quicken classes to you.

As "Dr. QuickBooks & Quicken", Keith Gormezano, an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor with additional certification in Intuit's QuickBooks Online, Point of Sale (POS), and Enterprise Solutions software has helped over 615 small businesses and individuals since 2003. Using his specialized training, Keith Gormezano has fixed their financial aches and pains, solved their computer and networking problems, and trained them one-on-one in the accounting, bookkeeping, and financial management software by bringing his classes to them.

Keith Gormezano's Background

Keith Gormezano's Experience

Operations and Office Manager or Chief Operations Officer (COO) at Stuart Silk Architects

November 2000 - February 2003

Ran the day to day operations for the company which had revenues approaching 2 million a year, 15-18 employees, and profit margins of 22-30% in spite of costs increasing 20%. Provided part time employees working 20+ hours a week with full health benefits and prorated paid sick, holiday, vacation, and bereavement leave. When economy tanked, recommended that everyone including the owner take a 10% pay cut to prevent lay offs. Later when that didn't work, suggested that the company institute a series of rotating layoffs including myself so no one would lost their job and/or shared layoffs so employees could work half time and collect unemployment for the other half through a unique state program. Proposed that employees who wanted to take off and travel could take a lay off and have a guaranteed job when they returned in 3-6 months. Also suggested and later implemented that we farm out folks to other architectural firms that needed temporary staff. Created a financial model in Excel to measure billable hours by employee to improve our revenue.

Office Manager at Stuart Silk Architects

November 2000 - November 2001

Used QuickBooks Pro to set up vendors, customers, accounts & payroll items, process bills & write checks, prepare financial statements, manage 220-numbered chart of accounts to track income, expenses, liabilities, equity, assets, transfer money electronically, pay staff using direct deposit, same day preparation & payment of payroll taxes via the Web & EFT, & reconcile 5 online bank accounts including PayPal. Paid 80% of our bills by either automatic withdrawal or using mileage based credit card (the employees got the flights which motivated them to stay) within 48 hours of receipt which made our vendors more than willing to go the extra mile when asked.

Freelance Office Professional at Various Fortune 500 companies

August 1993 - October 2000

Carrying a beeper, I was available at a moments notice to go out and serve as temporary administrative or executive assistant using MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, and Internet Explorer. On one assignment was told by employer that I was a better temporary than he was expecting which is how I got my current company's old name when I formed it (A Better Temporary). The company has since been retired.

Office Manager at U.S. Census

June 2000 - August 2000

Served as office manager and supply room person for downtown Seattle U.S. Census office.

Patient Collections Representative at UW Medical Center

January 1990 - July 1993

Answered phone by third ring. At Patient Financial Services at UWMC, I wrote off $900,000 in charity or uncompensated care for uninsured and insured patients. Billed medical and car insurance when necessary. Finished 110% of accounts and pitched in to help out my coworkers who were overwhelmed with difficult accounts. Served as member of Joint Management and Employee Committee to deal with work related issues.

Patient Collections Representative at Harborview Medical Center

January 1990 - July 1993

At HMC in Seattle, answered phone by third ring. Wrote off $900,000 in charity care for uninsured and insured patients. Billed workers compensation or labor and industries (LNI) insurance Finished 110% of accounts. Came up with several creative ways to save time and money.

Real Estate Agent at Jim Stacey Realty

November 1988 - June 1989

Although the company only represented buyers, I brought new clients in by obtaining listings and creatively marketing them (such as leaving a flyer for a three bedroom house in local parenting and baby magazines distributed in a specific neighborhood (I figured that parents would want to stay in their neighborhood.))

Real Estate Agent at Kamus Realty

January 1988 - October 1988

Became known in the office as the person to go to when you wanted to perform a more precise search on the Multiple Listing Service database or to use it in general to find leads.

Apartment Manager at Washington Park Apartments

May 1982 - September 1987

Managed diverse apartment building in changing neighborhood. Had zero default or skip rate and only one tenant damaged their unit during my tenure.

Law Clerk and Assistant to Senior Partner at Schroeter, Goldmark & Bender

June 1987 - August 1987

Performed research for senior partner of personal injury law firm.

VISTA volunteer and grantwriter at Pike Market Senior Center

December 1982 - May 1983

Identified private and government funding sources and wrote grants for organization.

VISTA volunteer and employment coordinator at Fremont Public Association

March 1982 - November 1982

Served as Employment Coordinator to place people in staffing and recruiting positions. Also wrote grants to obtain state funding. Unfortunately, I was so successful in getting my position funded that I ended up having nothing to do so I asked to be reassigned to another agency that needed my help.

Public Information Officer at Operation Improvement Foundation

December 1980 - May 1981

Composed letters, brochures, fact sheets, training material, news releases (with a 24% response rate), office forms, and articles for publication in plain English from scratch. Spoke for organization on TV, radio, cable, internet, and print media.

"Dr. QuickBooks: I Make House Calls to Teach You How to Fish (or Make Tofu) for Yourself" at Dr Quick Books, Inc.: Quicken or QuickBooks Setup, Review, Help, Support, Training in Seattle Area

February 2003

As an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor with additional certification in Intuit's Enterprise and Point of Sale (POS) software and a former "COO", I can help you solve some common software related accounting, bookkeeping, tax, and business structure issues and problems. Well, let me come to you so you can show me your business, call me for a free telephone consultation, or bring your friendly laptop for coffee at an independent coffee shop and chat on the phone for up to 30 minutes about what I can do for you and to bounce ideas off of. You've hired an attorney, accountant, insurance broker, and others to help you start your business. Shouldn't you hire someone to teach you how to effectively use the accounting software that you'll be relying on to discover how well you are (or aren't) doing? Visit my web site at for more information. My company is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Member and was nominated for the City of Seattle Mayor's Small Business Award in 2009.

Board Member at Ravenna Woods Condominium Association

November 1999

Since 11/08 (not 99 due to how LI arranges positions), serve as web coordinator of the association's web site at which has copies of the Declaration, Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Meeting Minutes, & House Rules. Currently pushing the board to be more transparent; create accurate and detailed meeting minutes; & open up board meetings to all homeowners & prospective homeowners. This would include more information in the minutes such as who voted for or against rather than simply saying the motion passed; include dissenting opinions; listing the pros & cons of positions presented at meetings rather than the final decision; if an item is tabled for discussion, including it in the minutes to inform homeowners of future expenditures; & when homeowners file complaints against other units, including that information so future homeowners don't have the unpleasant surprise of finding out something about their neighbor that some would say should have been disclosed as it could effect property values.

Keith Gormezano's Education

University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa

1973 – 1977


Concentration: N/A

Activities: Liberal Arts Student Association, Student Senate, Campus Security Committee, Student Publications Board

Keith Gormezano's Interests & Activities

Hiking without the ten essentials, scenic drives in my gas guzzling Toyota Prius, historical towns, museums, steam train rides, hot springs, using two for one Entertainment Bookk coupons and Passport dining.

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